Death Wobble

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The dreaded "Death Wobble" is something you don't want to experience but if you have had it then you need to get it fixed before it's gets even worse and you end up in an accident.

The real problem with death wobble is that it is usually caused by several factors working together. Solving it will only come from a comprehensive examination of several factors.

Death wobble is caused by loose or damaged steering components; however, it can also be caused by incorrectly installing steering or suspension components.

Death wobble is often blamed on a failed steering stabilizer. While death wobble will cause the steering stabilizer to fail, it is not the result of a worn out stabilizer.

Here are some tips and parts to mark off your checklist if your Jeep has developed the shakes.


Check the parts for any of the below issues.

  • Front Trackbar – check for play in bolts and/or bushes, check the welds on the brackets.
  • Drag Link – check for play in the tie rod ends
  • Tie Rod – check for play in the tie rod ends
  • Ball Joints – check for play in the ball joint
  • Control Arms – check for play in the bushes or loose bolts, check the welds on the brackets.
  • Wheel Hubs – check for play in the hub
  • Steering Box - check for play
  • Tyres – worn or old, out of balance, side wall damage
  • Rims – damaged, not centred on the hub, not flat against the hub

Check you alignment, toe and castor need to be within specifications.


If this is an overwhelming amount of information for you then it might be best to take the Jeep to your local specialist and let them diagnose and fix the problem.


So with everything now inspected, all those components correctly tightened and maybe even a few parts replaced, the risk of getting that crazy wobble after unexpectedly striking a bump or pothole is significantly less. However, the job isn't really over. Truth is, it is never really over.

Regular checks of these components, especially the tires and suspension hardware, and specifically after installing any new suspension lift kits or parts, is all part of a proper maintenance plan that will provide peace of mind and help ensure the wobble is a thing of the past.


Some parts you might need to replace are here