Website Orientation

Posted by Victor 26/08/2017 0 Comment(s) General Information,

Welcome to SBR Offroad


 In this blog we are going to point out a few features we have to assist you in browsing through our website.


Once you have chosen a categories you wish to browse from the top menu bar, we have added product filters to assist in narrowing down your search. On the left hand side there are two mandatory filters for every category and they are Shop By Model & Shop By Brand, you will also see optional filters in between and these will be different depending on the category you are in. You will also notice a Reset Filters option at the top of the filers, this is to clear any filters you have clicked and start you off again with a clean slate.


Under each category approximately in the middle of the screen you will have some options to choose how you want to view the list of products. At the left end we have Grid View (default view) or List View, then to the right you have Sort By, this gives you a drop menu and options of list by Name, Price, Rating, Model and on the far right you can choose how many products you wish to view per page by changing the Show 16 (default) to 25, 50, 75 or 100.


All of these also apply if you are using your mobile phone or tablet as shown in the below photos.