Various Suspension Related Parts 


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TeraFlex - JK Rear Upper Strike Pad Kit

JK SpeedBump Rear Upper Strike Pad Kit (Pair)Proper final bumpstop length is critical to prevent bot..

AU$34.00 Ex Tax: AU$30.91

Synergy MFG - Bump Stops Combo Kit

Synergy MFG JK Front & Rear Lower 3" Bump Stop Kit Front Bump Stops Manufactured f..

AU$174.50 Ex Tax: AU$158.64

Synergy MFG - Front Bump Stops

Description: Synergy Jeep JK, TJ, XJ, ZJ Front Bump Stop Spacer Kit Manufactured fr..

AU$110.00 Ex Tax: AU$100.00

Synergy MFG - Rear Bump Stops

Description: Synergy Jeep JK Lower Rear Bump Stop Spacer Kit Bump Stops bolt on to ..

AU$64.50 Ex Tax: AU$58.64

TeraFlex - JK 1.25" Front Lower Bumpstops

JK SpeedBump Front Lower Bumpstops 1.25" Tall - PairThese bumpstops are the easiest on the market to..

AU$45.00 Ex Tax: AU$40.91

Teraflex - JK Rear Lower Bumpstop Kit

Rear Lower Bumpstops for all 2007+ Wranglers Details These 2.75" bumpstops extend your fa..

AU$59.00 Ex Tax: AU$53.64

TeraFlex - TJ/XJ 2.25" Bumpstop Kit

2.25" Bumpstop Kit - OD 3.0" Sold as a Pair Fits: Wrangler 1997-2006 Grand ..

AU$45.00 Ex Tax: AU$40.91