Bumpers & Tyre Carriers Plus Optional Accessories

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Rugged Ridge - JL Spartan Front Bumper

Get the protection you need and stand out from the crowd with The Spartan Front Bumper for Jeep JL W..

AU$562.00 Ex Tax: AU$510.91

Smittybilt - JK XRC Modular Bumper

Smittybilt XRC Modular Bumper  JK XRC Bumper System comes standard with a winch cradl..

AU$980.00 Ex Tax: AU$890.91

Smittybilt - JK/JL Stryker Modular Front Bumper

Description:Smittybilt's new Stryker Modular Bumper is perfect for rock crawling or everyday driving..

AU$798.00 Ex Tax: AU$725.45

Smittybilt - TJ XRC Rock Crawler Winch Bumper

The XRC Bumpers have high degree approach angles and raised corners to maximize ground clearance...

AU$656.00 Ex Tax: AU$596.36

Uneek 4x4 - JK Bull Bar

Not only does this bull bar look great and suit the lines of the JK wrangler but it's very functiona..

AU$2,279.00 Ex Tax: AU$2,071.82

EVO MFG - JK Pro Series Rear Bumper

PRO Series JK Rear Bumper 3/16” Steel Plate Construction CNC Laser Cut ..

AU$1,024.00 Ex Tax: AU$930.91

EVO MFG - JK Rear Fascia

JK Rear Bumper Fascia is excellent addition to the EVO MFG line. Instead of running the heavy clunky..

AU$358.00 Ex Tax: AU$325.45

JCR Offroad - JK Crusader Rear Bumper

JK Crusader Rear Mid Width Bumper (Bare Steel Finish) JCR Offroad's Crusader Rear Mid Width ..

AU$1,230.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,118.18

JCR Offroad - TJ Crusader Rear Bumper

TJ Wrangler Crusader Rear Mid Width Bumper (Bare Steel Finish) JCR Offroad's Crusader Rear M..

AU$989.00 Ex Tax: AU$899.09

Poison Spyder - JK Rockbrawler II Rear Bumper - Black

JK RockBrawler II Rear Bumper - Spydershell Amor Coat Black Finish The RockBrawler™ II Rear B..

AU$1,150.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,045.45

Rugged Ridge - JK Spartan Rear Bumper

Spartan Rear BumperRugged Ridge engineered the Spartan Series Bumpers for the Jeep enthusiast that w..

AU$582.00 Ex Tax: AU$529.09

Rugged Ridge - JK XHD Rear Bumper

XHD Rear BumperMake the most of your rear bumper with this XHD Rear Bumper System. Features easy ins..

AU$970.00 Ex Tax: AU$881.82

JCR Offroad - JK Crusader/Shield Package

JK Rear Bumper/Tyre Carrier (BARE STEEL FINISH)JCR Offroad's Crusader Rear Mid Width bumper is desig..

AU$2,103.50 Ex Tax: AU$1,912.27

JCR Offroad - JK Shield Tyre Carrier/Brake Light

JK Sheild Tyre Carrier and Third Brake Light (Bare Steel Finish) JCR Offroad's Shield Carr..

AU$1,081.50 Ex Tax: AU$983.18

Poison Spyder - JK Body Mounted Tyre Carrier

Poison Spyder's JK Body Mounted Tire Carrier works with the stock rear bumper or just about any a..

AU$1,609.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,462.73

Poison Spyder - JK RockBrawler II Rear Bumper/TC - Black Finish

RockBrawler II Rear Bumper and Tyrecarrier - Spydershell Armor Coat Black Finish Product Desc..

AU$2,737.00 Ex Tax: AU$2,488.18