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AEV - Borah Wheel Set (5) With Beadlock Ring Machined

Borah Onyx Black Wheel With Machined Face Set (5) With Beadlock Rings The Borah DualSport Whe..

AU$3,235.00 Ex Tax: AU$2,940.91

AEV - Borah Wheel Set (5) With Protection Ring Machined

Borah Onyx Black Wheel With Machined Face Set (5) With Protection Rings The Borah DualSport W..

AU$3,027.50 Ex Tax: AU$2,752.27

Pro Eagle - Big Wheel Off Road Jack "The Beast"

*UPDATE. Our Jacks now come with updated black wheels as seen on the first and last pictures. B..

AU$560.00 Ex Tax: AU$509.09

Rugged Ridge - TJ/XJ 15x10 Black Steel Rim

Legendary looks, brutally epic strength. Each Rugged Ridge steel wheel is stamped from heavy gaug..

AU$80.00 Ex Tax: AU$72.73

SBR - JK 5-Spoke Satin Black Alloy Rim (5)

These 5-Spoke Satin Black Rims are every bit as functional as they are stylish. We know the needs of..

AU$1,338.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,216.36

Rugged Ridge - JK 17x9 Black Alloy Rim Set (5)

JK XHD Satin Black Alloy RimThis Hub-Centric design exactly centers the wheel over the hub providing..

AU$1,907.50 Ex Tax: AU$1,734.09

Tactik - JK 17x9 Steel Wheel Set (5)

Tactik JK Steel Wheels - Soft 8 Classic Style (Set of 5 Wheels) Description Tough, Durabl..

AU$550.00 Ex Tax: AU$500.00

Tactik - TJ 15x8 Steel Wheel Set (5)

Tactik TJ Steel Wheels - Soft 8 Classic Style (Set of 5 Wheels)DescriptionTough, Durable, Great-Look..

AU$425.00 Ex Tax: AU$386.36

Dick Cepek - TJ 15x8 DC-2 rims

The Dick Cepek DC-2 features a gloss black and machined finish with a tough layer of U.V. clear c..

AU$80.00 Ex Tax: AU$72.73

TR Racing - HD17 series beadlocks

17 x 8.5, HD17TR Beadlocked Wheel. Complete with Install Instruction, Valve Stems, Ring Hardware and..

AU$0.00 Ex Tax: AU$0.00

Rugged Ridge - Tyre Deflator Kit

Fully inflated tires are great for the road and gas mileage, but they deliver a washboard ride on ..

AU$61.00 Ex Tax: AU$55.45

TeraFlex - EZ Tyre Deflator Kit

Description The TeraFlex EZ-Deflator quickly and accurately lowers the air pressure in your tir..

AU$52.00 Ex Tax: AU$47.27

Spidertrax - JK Wheel Spacers

Jeep 1.5" Thick Wheel SpacersThese 1-1/2” thick, 5 on 5" bolt circle, 6061T6 aluminum spacers are an..

AU$145.50 Ex Tax: AU$132.27

Synergy MFG - TJ Wheel Spacers

SYNERGY MFG HUB CENTRIC WHEEL SPACERSDescription:   Wheel hub centric for increased streng..

AU$103.50 Ex Tax: AU$94.09

Synergy MFG - Wheel Adapters

SYNERGY MFG WHEEL ADAPTERSDescription:Synergy Wheel AdaptersWheel hub centric for increased strength..

AU$103.50 Ex Tax: AU$94.09

Rugged Ridge - Lug Nut Chrome

Chrome Wheel Lug Nut 1/2"x20 RH thread 3/4" hexColour - ChromeSold IndividuallyFits:2007+ JK Wrangle..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.18